Hello! I’m Rod!


While I’m saving you time and money, I need your help making this club successful by referring others to this club. I ask members to send me pictures and stories of your RV adventures which will appear in this monthly club letter. The real benefit of the club will be to share information, discover hidden treasures of Oregon, search for gold, find the best beach side camp grounds, learn where to camp for free in dispersed camp sites, connect with members for fishing trips, where the best ATV trails are, best sand dune climbs, best recipes for trout, how to cook on a camp fire, where the buck stops, Fishing Wallowa lake, best kayak fishing, find secret home sites in the desert and lost airplanes, explore the lava tube caves, fish for bass on the John Day river, where to catch crabs on the Oregon coast, Discover the secret slot canyon Valhalla. (Discovered by my brother Mike Malone)

Please share your stories and outdoor adventures!

As one who lives the life style I am happy share my experiences with you. My passion for the outdoors led me to a degree in forestry in which I spent 10 years working as a a consultant forester in Alaska camping on Admiralty island with brown bears. I have also worked in the jungles of Belize and have a small resort in process on a tropical island in the Philippines.